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Craniopagus Twins

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

A multidisciplinary team of surgeons at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia separated conjoined twins on June 6th, 2017. The ten month old girl’s condition is the rarest among conjoined twins with each of them joined at the head. The surgery to safely separate them took nearly 11 hours and included 30 medical professionals.

The team was led by neurosurgeon Gregory Heuer, MD, PhD, and plastic surgeon Jesse Taylor, MD. During the procedure the surgeons had to navigate unique anatomy and repair two large defects. Stream Studios was tasked with describing the specific surgical steps and complex anatomy to viewers around the globe.

The illustrations were used in a video series, in press releases and as part of Dr. Taylor’s and Dr. Heuer’s TEDx talk. The studio worked in close collaboration with the surgeons and the hospital to provide detailed custom illustrations which illuminated the amazing work done by the surgical team.

Thanks for reading!

Eo Trueblood, MA

Stream Studios

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