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Heart valve video series simplifies complex heart conditions and repairs

On Valentines day, a simple, symmetrical, curvilinear shape is used to symbolize one of the most essential organs the body. The anatomy of an actual heart includes chambers, valves, and a network of blood vessels that pump blood around two different circuits. It's very complex.

The Marketing Team at CHOP asked our studio in June 2022 to create animated video clips to help explain heart conditions where the valves do not work properly and need to be surgically repaired. These videos are narrated by Dr. Johnathan Chen, and posted on the CHOP youtube channel on behalf of the Cardiac Center.

Benefits of illustrated video clips

  • Patients and families can learn in a way that is visually engaging and at a level that is appropriate for all audiences. This helps viewers gain a deeper understanding of the medical experience that they, or someone they know, may be going through.

Studio production process:

  1. The cut list - Brittany used the script provided by the marketing team to create a written list of scenes, called a cut list. This gives the team an idea of what art assets need to be created. Once this list is reviewed by the whole team and agreed upon, a Project Tracker is created and any additional assets are itemized and the cost is tracked accordingly. This makes the production costs transparent and keeps the whole team up to date.

  1. Slideshow storyboard - Early versions of the artwork, created by Eo, are put into a slide show and read through with the script. Here, the team looks for content that is still hard to understand. The team brainstorm what adjustments to the artwork or voice over are needed to help clarify this content. Every decision is carefully made with our CHOP families, patients, and other viewers in mind.

  1. Rough cut videos - Revised versions of the artwork are made into an animated video. A video is made of several layers, including the base artwork, any moving elements, arrows, and graphic effects. A rough voice over track is also added to make sure the timing and pacing is correct. The rough cuts are then reviewed by the content expert, in this case, Dr. Chen, for accuracy and any final revisions.

  2. Final cut videos - The final artwork and revisions are incorporated into the video and it's ready for export. Full resolution files of the illustrated video clips were sent to Danny and Kristen to be added to the main videos and posted on the CHOP youtube channel.


  • Sara Barton - Marketing project manager

  • Kristen Balderas - Videographer/ editor

  • Abbey Nash - script writer & supervisor

  • Danny Belinkie - Video Editor

  • Brittany Bennett - Art production project manager, video animator/ editor, co-illustrator

  • Eo Trueblood - Lead illustrator

  • Sara Baumgarden - Cardiac Center and Frontier Programs Manager

  • Jonathan Chen, MD - Chief, Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Content expert

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